What is Sustainability?

Sustainability. In essence, to sustain is to continue our capacity to live life on this planet – to endure. How does that sound to you? To me, that sounds terrible. To endure? Humans are capable of much greater heights then that! So how about if we give this definition another try. Definition, Take 1: Sustainability… Continue reading What is Sustainability?

People Need Water

Water is Essential to Human Life It’s 85 degrees and your throat is parched. As sweat drips down your neck, you envision a tall glass of cool water. You enter the kitchen, grab a glass, and turn on the faucet. Nothing happens. You stare, incredulous. Your mouth believes it’s filled with cotton as you sprint… Continue reading People Need Water

Sustainability Websites To Watch

Whether you are looking for information, throughout provoking images, entertainment, inspiration or to think creatively about environmental problems and a world of solutions – these green focused websites prove you need look no further. Grist Time magazine referred to Grist as, “The Colbert Report of climate change, The Daily Show of deforestation, the Oprah of… Continue reading Sustainability Websites To Watch

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